There are dozens of bodies specific to the multitude of businesses in the marketplace. BroidaCo has seen, designed and had many of them built over more than 3 decades.


For you, your parents, your kids and your friends, BroidaCo looks out for YOUR interests.Being trusted from generation to generation is our greatest reward.

The brands of vehicles listed below are immediately available through BroidaCo and its affiliated dealers.  If you don't see your desired brand, please contact BroidaCo for a rapid response.


you can trust.

             Over 35 years in the

             automotive  industry

Personal/Family Use

BroidaCo's experience with large companies helps navigating multiple corporate layers easy. From acquisition to delivery, professionalism is the rule.

 Getting a new vehicle should be pleasant and easy.  It will  be when you call a professional.  I  come to youask and  listen, propose  & make all the arrangements while you take care of  business,  family  and  life.




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