Cal Gro is in Visalia, CA.

Mr.& Mrs. Wayne Dotson of Golden Empire Towing.

Cal Gro's Sales & Service truck.  Cal Gro doesn't go to dealerships anymore...they just call Greg. BroidaCo delivers.

Mr. Kelly Stitt w/his new Mechanic's Truck.

Wade & Jeff Ray with their new Ram 5500.  They will be installing a new flatbed on it and swapping over a knuckle-boom crane from another truck.

Rick & Anne Henry, of Bakersfield, CA, never went to a dealership to get their new Ram 1500.

Contra Costa Electric, an Emcor company, bought 33 Ford utility trucks & 12 Ford Pickups in January 2016.  The deal was brokered and implemented  by BroidaCo.

Scott Warren inOakley, CA, near the Bay Area.

He put it to good use right away.

Another good deal done.

The license plate says it all.

This 2016 Suburban was custom ordered for the Hein Ranch Co.. It only took 6 weeks to come in.

Jerry's family and business are located in Taft, CA

Ram 5500 with a 12' flatbed and 12" stake gates, work lights and step-ups with handles is the perfect oilfield service truck.

A 2014 Ram 5500 Mechanic's Truck sold to B.C.Ray Tire Sales.

Mr. Pete Harbison of J.Noble Binns Plumbing Co. took delivery of this custom-built and acquired F350.

RDR owners Richard & Lea Riggs

This flatbed was custom built to Stotler's specifications

Bob Tracy & Greg Broida


Beautiful Family, beautiful truck.

Cal Gro Pres., Bob Tracy, his mechanic and their new, 2016 Mechanic's Truck.

Stotler International is an oilfield service company located in Bakersfield, CA

Owner Danny Stotler with his new 2016 Ram 3500 flatbed truck

               BroidaCo Truck, Auto  & SUV Brokerage

The whole deal was done by cell phone, email & text.

RDR Precision Tech's new Ram 1500 was brought in from Arizona to meet their specs.

Gary & Stacy Furrow of Premier Backhoe Service took delivery of their MegaHauler truck in Mohave Valley, AZ

This was another deal done long distance & delivered by BroidaCo.

The Henry's new 4x4 Ram replaces their 2WD SUV

Mr. Jerry Melton was very specific about his specs. BroidaCo found the truck in Nebraska and brought it in for him.

Mr. Rob McDonald and his family took home this mobile workshop.

BroidaCo secured a buy bid $1,000 more than any other bidder for ARRC's  2006 Chevy Utility Van.

Mrs. Kathryn Hein