An Auto Broker is one who connects consumers who want a vehicle(s) with dealers who have or can get them. The Broker finds the proper vehicle for the consumer then negotiates the best price and, if necessary, assists with financing. The Broker then receives a fee from either buyer or seller or both. However, an Auto Broker can be much more than that.  As a consultant, an auto broker can also  help their customer define their needs and wants, balancing those concerns with their budget, desired  monthly payment range, down payment or amount to cash out the deal.  Assisting with financing, trade-ins, delivery of the vehicle and orientation to it's features is also the privilege of a professional Auto Broker. Lastly, the professional Auto Broker maintains contact with their customers after the sale, ensuring their satisfaction with their new vehicle  and acting as a liaison with the selling dealer.


1.)  You get to skip the dealer-hopping and the salespeople all ready to ‘greet’ you when you arrive. You also get to skip the tedious surfing of the internet.

2.)  You get to immediately converse with a seasoned professional interested more in YOUR needs than what needs to be moved from stock.

3.)  The price you are presented is the best price to begin with. There is no haggle nor multiple managers to work through.

4.)  The paperwork and new vehicle are brought to you, not you to it.  You aren’t coerced by finance people wanting to sell you additional products. The delivery is done on YOUR schedule, at YOUR convenience, at YOUR location.  

               BroidaCo Truck, Auto  & SUV Brokerage

Greg Broida has been in the vehicle business since 1978. As a Chevrolet Bailment Pool Upfitter, Greg’s company did business throughout California. It established and maintained good relationships with over 55 dealerships while producing more than $5M worth of product annually. He employed up to 35 people for 14 years which gives him great insight into the rigors of owning your own business.      In the early 1990’s, Greg was recruited by and went to work for the largest Chevrolet dealership in the state. As both a salesman and a manager, he built a huge clientele and garnered a wall full of awards. Greg gained vast amounts of product knowledge & insight on how best to take care of each customer’s questions & concerns.         In the mid 2000’s, Greg entered the ‘big time’ of vehicle sales as the Commercial Truck and Fleet Manager for a prominent dealer. He ordered pickups, chassis and work body trucks & successfully dealt with the factories, 2nd & 3rd stage upfitters. He closed ‘fleet’ deals for dozens of vehicles at a time as well as working with customers to provide one-of-a-kind trucks and vans for specialized needs.      In 2015, Greg went out on his own to offer his services independent of make or dealer. As a 4th-generation business man, Greg brings all his experience and professionalism to each and every person and company that contacts him. Getting a vehicle should be pleasant & easy. Give Greg a call or email him today.

Get The "FLEET" Deal.......

Traditionally, “Fleet” sales were of multiple units to very large companies. Having done just that, multiple times, Greg expands the definition to a different level: Fleet = Fast! Fleet = No Nonsense! Having owned multiple businesses, Greg has an appreciation for and a consideration of an executive’s time.  He also has an ability to present information electronically in a concise, informative way. So, no matter the size of your company or if you’re independent, call a Professional.

 In January of 2016, Greg brokered a deal for 45 Ford utility and pickup trucks.  He arranged the sourcing, pricing, construction and delivery of the fleet between a major electrical contractor, a large truck body manufacturer and a large Southern California Ford dealer.  The picture above is of the delivery of the first 9 out of 45 units.